Why Do Law Firms Need Managed IT Services?

by | Dec 11, 2022

Managed IT services have become a hot topic of late as more and more companies have realized the value of these solutions. While such controlled services have long been a pillar of business performance, law firms are now starting to see the benefits.

The law firm will invest in stable and Productive IT Systems for development and growth. They must support high customer service standards and a vast array of operational activities. If you’re currently working with outdated IT, you’re restricting your growth opportunities and losing out on future advances.

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are, where a business, such as a law firm, outsources its management and services in technology. It will encompass areas such as technical assistance, security audits, training, virtual CIO services, proactive monitoring, and others. When you have an in-house IT service, you will often find you have several different staff members with different responsibilities and competencies. They do not have the expertise or resources to sustain and deliver a 24/7 operation, however, and that is why so many law firms are now looking at Managed IT Services.

In addition, all law firms need a proactive approach with respect to server management, network infrastructure such as firewalls, switches, routers, servers, etc., and workstations. Managed IT services for law firms will spend time and resources to help the various clients build technology, general procedures, and support. You can also use managed IT services as a way to expand the IT department you already have.

Why do Law Firms Need Managed IT Services?

Whether you’re using conventional on-site server management, a stable private cloud network, or a combination of the two, an MSP has the expertise and resources to provide the same robust, sensitive service regardless of where the applications and data reside.

Managed IT Services provide industry competition, regardless of the size of your law firm. You can access top-notch equipment, software, service, and support for one fixed monthly fee.

Significant reasons for a managed IT services provider being the perfect partner for a law firm are as follows:

Have a dedicated IT support team

Managed service providers are not only a huge help when it comes to big issues such as Data breaches, but they also act as lifesavers when it comes to the daily, minor IT-related issues that lawyers often have to address. The helpdesk service offered by the managed service provider ensures that IT experts are present right around the corner to help lawyers solve their daily IT problems. A law firm should never have to worry about something slowing up its activities, with a committed IT to support team always willing to offer their assistance.

A smart way to save money

The major concern for most law firms is saving money. The running of a law firm is by no means inexpensive and a law firm would appreciate any bit of money it can save. It is much better to employ an IT service provider than to employ an in-house IT staff. There are many expenses associated with having an in-house IT team on the operational front, from implementation to management. At the end of the day, a law firm needs to worry about how much it spends as opposed to how much it receives.

Assurance of Cybersecurity

For a law firm, a network violation or data breach is nearly undesirable. Countless confidential information is entrusted to lawyers by their clients. A law firm also has to ensure that, in addition to providing excellent legal services to its clients, this confidential information is never exposed in a way that threatens the reputation of both clients and the law firm. Cybersecurity Services are one of the main fields in which regulated IT services providers operate. They think ahead, install robust and state-of-the-art security mechanisms, evaluate and resolve potential internal vulnerabilities, and keep a close eye on external cyber threats. As a result, when a law firm has an experienced IT services provider managing its cybersecurity 24/7/365, it is likely to be far more technically safe.

Have a feeling of unequivocal security

A seemingly minor technology glitch has the power to knee down a whole law firm. Given the role that IT plays in keeping the operations of the law firm going smoothly, any law firm is likely to highly value stability. Even in the face of hardware/software failure or malware attack, this stability should not be affected. This kind of stability assurance can only be provided by a managed IT services provider’s business continuity service. The focus of such services is to help an organization recover as soon as possible from a disaster event so that its daily operations can be resumed rapidly. This will ensure the organization’s integrity is not interfered with for too long. A law firm that is assisted in its IT operations by a managed service provider will always be able to rest easy in the knowledge that tomorrow will be just as smooth as today, no matter what unforeseen circumstances arise.

Be in compliance with the relevant data protection regulations

Because a law firm has to deal with sensitive client data, the protection of confidential client data comes under the purview of various laws and regulations implemented by the Government. A law firm must keep its technology services up-to-date at all times to ensure that it complies with the laws and regulations in place. A law firm that breaches those laws would be more than just ironic! Non-compliance can put the law firm in legal trouble, which can require huge penalties to be paid out. Managed IT services for a law firm that is responsible for all regulatory criteria. Not only do they stay in touch with the latest updates in Government data protection laws, but they also take all the necessary steps to ensure the firm always complies with Government-defined regulations.

Safely and efficiently deploy the Cloud infrastructure

A law firm has many benefits in storing its records and files in the cloud. It allows lawyers and other professionals at the firm to always have their documents at their fingertips, whether they are in the courtroom or researching in the field. Given the complexities of cloud management, a managed services provider’s experience will definitely come in handy. A law firm can easily establish a secure cloud environment for all of its data through the provider’s cloud-based IT services.

Talk to an IT partner who understands –

Bitsys Technologies is a managed service provider with a history of providing assistance to law firms. Through knowing their processes, delivering integrated security solutions, and proactively managing their software and network, we’ve become a trusted partner for legal organizations.

If you collaborate with Bitsys Technologies, you work with a team of technology experts who understand your business or organization’s specific needs. To help your business, our entire team is here to ensure that compliance measures are in place and the technology works for you.

See the difference Bitsys Technologies makes to it. Contact us today to learn more about our law firm’s controlled IT services.

The only way to protect what you’ve worked hard to build is to be vigilant when it comes to cybersecurity. If you’d like to know more about how your business can benefit from managed services, just give us a call, we are here to help.

How Law Firms Should Leverage A Managed IT Services Provider. With services like Cloud IT Solutions, law firms can easily have their data.

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