What Is Managed Smart Hands And How It Helps Your Business?

by | Dec 11, 2022

One of the most successful and common alternatives to hiring qualified technicians is getting services from Smart Hands. Smart Hands systems are not only flexible and highly efficient but also less costly to operate because these trained data centre technicians are able to perform a variety of tasks quickly and accurately.

What Is Managed Smart Hands?

Smart Hands is on-site 24/7, with operational on-demand support service for troubleshooting, remote control, and equipment deployment in customers’ data centres. Smart Hands refers to a person or team of on-site stationed specialist technicians able to respond quickly to problems that might occur inside your data centre. Smart Hands are usually billed by the hour and include things like colocation equipment management, rack and stack testing, circuit testing, complex cable configurations, equipment testing, troubleshooting, firewall setup, and rack and stack setup. Unlike accredited technicians, they are not generally qualified or properly acknowledged for specialising in a particular technology.

Many Smart Hands may also hold technical certifications they specialise in, but the greater benefit they have over conventional technicians is that they can perform nearly all tasks relevant to the collocation equipment. How could it be? Smart Hands includes contact between an on-site workforce and remote technical assistance centres specialised in different items and categories; A technical support team is then directed to troubleshoot advanced problems by trained technicians and project managers.

Reactive And Proactive Smart Hands

For Smart Hands, you can either use a proactive or reactive strategy, depending on your budget and needs. The key difference is that a maintenance team constantly tracks the equipment in proactive Smart Hands and fixes minor issues as early as possible in order to prevent delay; whereas, in reactive Smart Hands, problems with the equipment must be identified first before a technician works on the issue. For companies which are heavily dependent on reliable server uptime, the proactive approach is more efficient.

How Managed Smart Hands Help Your Business?

Greater efficiency

You don’t want to have to devote skilled workers to perform maintenance activities that have very little to do with core job duties. With reduced downtime and higher reliability on collocation equipment efficiency, your company can now be more effective in its operations. In addition, the employees will concentrate more on the tasks and projects that really matter, by avoiding regular and prolonged interruptions.

Get timely support and answers

Having a technical staff on standby can greatly reduce server downtime and service interruptions that may be experienced by your business. This is generally more realistic for companies that host their own servers and run them. You have peace of mind with Smart Hands that all technical issues can be resolved in as short a time as possible. You can also submit your queries and requests (e.g. for upgrades) via a technician on-site, and receive immediate responses.

Enhanced data security

Managed Smart Hands services can help secure the data through routine maintenance checks and backups of the data. Your company will benefit immensely from being covered by disastrous shutdowns that may take days or even weeks to recover from.

Mitigate risk and delays

The managed Smart Hands service will support the company throughout the year by reducing downtime and interruptions in operation. There is someone still standing by ready to take action if there is a problem that affects the servers. Should solve the problem very quickly. This could be fixed before it ever affects your company activities significantly. Minimum downtime means you can always rely on your managed hosting availability and performance.

The advantages of Smart Hands Service at Bitsys Technologies.

For your company, Bitsys Technologies offers a range of enterprise services. The Smart Hands service is among the most useful packages. This service provides you with a qualified specialist who is always at your fingertips to manage any problems with your servers as soon as possible. You should be aware of some of the main benefits.

Regular maintenance activities will automatically be done

In order to continue running and protect your data, your information technology systems require daily maintenance. The Smart Hands service made available by Bitsys Technologies would ensure the automated execution of routine maintenance tasks. You won’t have to devote staff to performing those jobs. The person monitoring your servers in the background will take care of the backups and other tasks. This helps you to commit your money and staff to other critical duties in-house.

Keep full versatility

One thing to remember is that, regardless of which Bitsys Technologies service you select, you should be able to retain full flexibility. No matter what operating system, hardware or configuration you have selected, you can get 24-hour monitoring and service. You don’t have to give up the right to configure the network entirely, just to take advantage of the Smart Hands service.

Unforeseen issues will be promptly resolved

One of the most important advantages of the Smart Hands package is that any unforeseen problems will be immediately addressed. You won’t have to wait a day or more just to have somebody look at the problem. A qualified and professional technician is available, to monitor your servers at all hours of the day and night. The biggest benefit of this is that you’ll experience fewer service and quality interruptions. This helps you to avoid missed sales and profitability in your company.

Enhance your security

It is really important to keep the information technology infrastructure secure. Attacks on your network will result in data breaches or decreased output harming customers and productivity. You may also face concerns about responsibility. Luckily these Bitsys Technologies smart hands will improve your security. If a security threat is found, you should have someone who can respond right away to avoid problems. That is in addition to the already robust security measures to secure the servers.

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The only way to protect what you’ve worked hard to build is to be vigilant when it comes to cybersecurity. If you’d like to know more about how your business can benefit from managed services, just give us a call, we are here to help.

Managed Smart Hands offers the highest level of service, providing remote management, customizing installations, and equipment troubleshooting.

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