Why Do We Need A Data Center As A Service?

by | Dec 3, 2022

The challenge to maintain a private IT infrastructure has forced companies to consider alternative options to meet their computing needs. There are many factors involved in making a private datacentre like resource management, finding a physical space, dedicating the experienced IT staff, making the availability 24*7, racking, cooling, power, bandwidth, etc involves money. Smaller and start-up companies find it difficult to afford the significant cost involved in building the infrastructure of a datacentre. To overcome these problems cloud providers offered public cloud, which seemed to be a good option. But the security and sometimes the availability caused the problem and users are reconsidering the option of the public cloud. There is an alternative, to use Data Center as a Service (DCaaS).

Despite the organisations moving towards the public cloud, many companies still wary about giving up the control that comes with maintaining their private cloud. It is because they have critical applications, processes, and data which they prefer to keep in the private cloud due to security reasons. But then the servers and the resources required in a private cloud is expensive and time- consuming. To overcome this problem DCaaS provides power and control they can expect from an on-premise solution with the flexibility and cost-efficiency of the cloud.

Some organisations use multiple clouds to meet their business requirements. For these organisations, the solution is when multiple cloud providers can be incorporated into a single network. Data Center as a Service (DCaaS) provider can design complex networks to make it easy for these organisations.

What is Data Center as a service (DCaaS)?

Data Center as a Service is a hosting service in which physical data center infrastructure and facilities are provided to a client by DCaaS provider on rent or lease. Customers can remotely access DCaaS provider’s storage, server and networking, and computing resources through Wide Area Network (WAN). DCaaS may also provide data management tools for incident management, security, server utilisation, and optimisation.

Why do we need a Data Center as a service?

Due to an increase in the landscape of cyberattacks, increasing workloads and the pace to stay ahead of the competition. The pressure is to innovate and digitally transform your business. What to do when your data center can’t keep up? Here are some reasons why DCaaS is required:

  1. DCaaS solves all the problems such as Lack of power, cooling, rack space, capital, bandwidth, experienced IT staff.
  2. DCaaS saves costs compared to building a private data center.
  3. DCaaS provides flexibility and a cost-effective solution.
  4. DCaaS provides an effective solution for companies using hybrid (Public cloud and Private cloud) and multi-cloud solutions.
  5. With DCaaS it is easier to scale up and down resources than an on-site Data Center.
  6. DCaaS offers to Pay as you go service helps in saving the cost. Moving to the OpEx model from CapEx saves the money for more strategic initiatives.
  7. DCaaS can be customised or tailored as per the customer’s requirement.
  8. DCaaS also provides backup and redundancies to keep the data up and running
  9. DCaaS provider makes sure of the uptime as per the SLA and also provides security to its clients.
  10. DCaaS allows you to get started right away rather than waiting for capital expenditure and then setting that up.
  11. DCaaS incorporate compliance assurances into operations and policies.

Data Center as a Service (DCaaS) offers:

  1. Agility, robustness, scalable capacity.
  2. Low operational IT cost and a flexible payment model based on usage.
  3. Support and services from certified and experienced experts.
  4. Improve SLA through standardised IT infrastructure architecture.
  5. Assured safety and security compliance at appropriate locations and jurisdictions.
  6. Efficient power, heat cooling, and low environmental impact.
  7. Provide the facility of monitoring and visualisation of the data center across all systems.
  8. Providing disaster recovery and backup plans, procedures, and processes in case of failover of the Data Center (DC).

How to select DCaaS Provider

DCaaS process includes analysing your existing infrastructure to ensure maximum reliability and availability in case of any failure or even downtime. Digitalisation is everywhere leading to high density, consolidated, or virtualised DC in a complex environment. Every decision in DC is crucial and critical, even a small mistake can cost you high.

We at Teceze assess and provide consultancy services by allowing DC to overcome the complexities involved in the maintenance of critical IT facility infrastructure when any changes in software or hardware are added to the DC.

Teceze can help you centrally manage your IT infrastructure to make optimized use of existing IT resources with integrated value demonstrated in lowered cost of ownership, asset flexibility, and these infrastructure improvements:

  1. Self-service capabilities
  2. Capacity planning
  3. Service – level management
  4. Proactive systems monitoring

Teceze can help you in providing the Data Center as a Servicethrough the partnership which we have with different Data Center providers. Teceze offers comprehensive solutions that help in reducing your expenses and your business can focus on growth and expansion.

The only way to protect what you’ve worked hard to build is to be vigilant when it comes to cybersecurity. If you’d like to know more about how your business can benefit from managed services, just give us a call, we are here to help.

The challenge to maintain a private IT infrastructure has forced companies to consider alternative options to meet their computing needs.

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