Is My Business Cyber Secure? How to Avoid a Cyber-Attack?

by | Nov 29, 2022

Smaller businesses underestimate the danger caused by cyber-attacks. Approximately 87 percent of businesses believe they won’t be targeted by cybercriminals when half of them actually experience cyber-attacks. To compound matters, over the next six months, about half of small businesses suffering a cyber-attack will go out of business. Small companies are cherished by hackers. Most of them have small deployments in place for cybersecurity. The small scale of operations is equal to a limited budget, which almost always indicates the lack of a robust security strategy, let alone the implementation of the new state-of-the-art security measures. Hackers can reasonably easily breach records, steal employee details, financial information from customers, vendor information, and trade secrets. Worse, as a springboard, they will use the violation to steal from the individuals whose credentials they have usurped.

What is a cyber-attack?

A cyber-attack is a criminal activity that targets or hacks a computer device, network, or program in order to steal, kill, or keep data for ransom. Cybercrime presents a continuing danger to small companies. Therefore, if you fall victim to some sort of cybercrime, it is important to understand what a Cyber Attack is, what one looks like, the steps you can take to protect your company, and how to respond.

How to Protect Your Business Against Cyber-Attacks?

You will safeguard your small business by having the right procedures in place. Luckily, there are several easy ways to strengthen your cybersecurity, stay secure, and prevent cyber-attacks:

Train all your employees

There is a common saying when it comes to cybersecurity – “You are just as safe as your least knowledgeable employee” – and it holds true. What if your office’s unsuspecting employee uses poor passwords or falls for a phishing attempt and exploits their system?
Therefore, ensuring that the staff members know how cybercriminals can trick them into exposing sensitive, private data is important. In no time, they should be able to detect a suspicious phone call or email. Educate them on how to defend the business from these forms of assault. A good place to start is to have solid strategies for cybersecurity best practices.

Using Robust Software for Anti-malware and Firewall

Investing in anti-malware software that has been specifically developed to deal with the latest malware threats is critical. Although anti-malware software can capture and isolate malware and viruses when they hit, preventing these threats from targeting your systems in the first place is crucial, and this is where a firewall comes into the picture.

Keep the Software updated

The new version should be updated with any and all of the applications used by your business and your workers. Old applications can have vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to access your business networks and steal confidential data, launch a Cyber-Attack, and cause your company and its reputation a huge amount of harm. For updates or new security fixes, check all major applications, at least on a bi-weekly basis. Then make sure that you apply the security patches and updates available on all the computers.

Enable data encryption and perform periodic data backups

One of the most powerful ways of defense against data breaches remains data encryption. An efficient strategy for Cybersecurity gives data recovery and data encryption a lot of benefits. This way, there will be nothing to lose if the company’s confidential data fell into the wrong hands. Make sure that you first encrypt and then back up confidential information, including information about private clients, information about employees, and other forms of confidential business data.

Include a Disaster Recovery Plan

If your company experiences a cyberattack in the future, then a well-planned and successful Disaster Recovery Plan will pave the way for a rapid reaction. It should have a well-defined escalation route, and constructive contact is to be prioritized in case such an unfortunate incident occurs.

Final Suggestions

It takes vigilance and productive IT cybersecurity measures to keep your business safe from cyber threats. It can help to circumvent cyber-attack attempts by incorporating common sense with good practices, such as the techniques we have described. Even better, since the activities are closely related to the risks, these solutions are cost-effective and typically result in less expenditure on cybersecurity.

A cyber-attack is a criminal activity that targets or hacks a computer device, network, or program in order to steal, kill, or keep data for ransom.

Cybercrime presents a continuing danger to small companies. Therefore, if you fall victim to some sort of cybercrime, it is important to understand what a cyber-attack is, what one looks like, the steps you can take to protect your company and how to respond.

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