Small And Medium Sized Businesses Must Face The Reality of Cyber Security SMBs

by | Nov 23, 2022

Small business cyber security is something that everyone in the IT sector is aware and concerned about. We all know the threat is real, whether we develop websites, write application forms, or support the business networks. Sadly, it seems that Small and Medium Sized Businesses do not share this concern (SMBs). Because Small and Medium Business owners thinks that they are not big level companies, so they aren’t a target for cyber attacks. Everyone is a target; hackers don’t treat people differently; they only target businesses with security breaches. How do you get the message across to businesses that Cyber Security for SMBs is critical because the threat is unpredictable, expensive, and highly damaging?

It depresses me to imagine that this marvellous technique, which was designed to share knowledge in the first place, has devolved into such a hostile environment. I recall a time when the Internet was thought to be only for nerds, and we had to depend on a modem to connect to the Internet. Typically, “logging on” has a specific purpose, such as checking your email or conducting research. In today’s world, the Internet is unavoidable. In future like electricity and water, Internet becomes an essential thing in everyday life of people. A key point to remember is that the Internet was created with functionality in mind, not security. The bad guys have arrived.

In the not-too-distant past, we (Teceze) were trying to recover a business from malware each day as a managed service provider. Because, in some companies their employees or receptionist don’t have the knowledge in Cyber Security and tend to click on links inside of spam email, some businesses were targeted twice or three times. Only after getting hit by a Malware virus, the SMBs are planning to implement their security.

In these times, an effective cyber security service should include:

  1. Knowledge and understanding
  2. Examine and evaluate
  3. Trying to fix and avoiding problems

The following strategies to Minimize Against Cyberthreats’ is the benchmark we’re using to examine the performance of an SMB’s Cyber Security. The following are the mitigation strategies:

On all implementation of advanced and remote access systems, enable multi-factor authentication.

Make daily backup and test your system on a regular basis.

  1. Operating systems must be patched.
  2. Applications that have been patched.
  3. Configure the macro settings in Microsoft Office.
  4. Administrative privileges should be severely restricted.
  5. Hardening of user applications.
  6. Control over the application.

Small business cyber security is something that everyone in the IT sector is aware and concerned about. We all know the threat is real, whether we develop websites, write application forms, or support the business networks.

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