Digital Workplace Services

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Managed Windows Devices

Windows management via Intune & hybrid setup with in-house Autopilot onboarding app to keep users updated.  


Managed macOS

Our experts are skilled on all MDM tools including Intune. Our robust in-house Framework adds features that Intune is missing. 


Managed iOS & Android

Manage mobile devices with Intune or any other MDM tool in the market. All features that are released, will be supported.


Managed Citrix & VDIs

Citrix on-prem to Cloud migration, managing daily Citrix issues or moving from Citrix to Azure VDIs, our experts will love to help.


Managed Applications

Do you manage 100s of applications? Our experts can help with Application Packaging & managing license as Software Owners.


Desktop as a Service

With our long relations with Vendors, we can help organisations move to DaaS and save a huge cost. Macs & Windows are supported. 

What is a Modern Digital Workplace?

Not only did the 2020 pandemic change the way we look at work, but it also blurred the line between the physical office and the place where work actually happens. It dissolved the distinction between professional and personal life.

As employees communicate and collaborate in unprecedented ways, companies began implementing an entirely different working environment — the digital workplace.

A digital workplace is the natural evolution of the traditional in-office environment. It encompasses all activities people would do in a physical office; except they’re carried out virtually using digital workplace solutions.

Digital workplace solutions can be as simple as e-learning platforms, online collaboration tools, and project management software. If implemented correctly, these solutions can help organizations increase agility, flexibility, productivity, and revenue — and even scale their businesses.

Enable Adaptive Workstyles

The workplace as we know is no longer just a physical space where people gather during regular office hours. Our connected and always-on environment blurs the line between the physical office and the place where work really gets done, and when it gets done.

A modern workplace should support multiple ways of interacting, communicating, and collaborating on data, regardless of location or the device of choice.

The solutions and our ambitions within this area are to help you enable a balance between work and life for the people in your organisation, so it can retain and attract new talents and be successful over time.

We enable adaptive workstyles for employees by:

  • Plan and strategy development
  • Identity and access management solution design
  • Password-less authentication optimization
  • User-driven deployment by Autopilot
  • Establish new ways to work remote
  • Technical onboarding, migration, and user adoption


Companies Supported by our Team



Traditional outsourcing companies focus on delivering the services that are in the contract. We, at BitSys Technologies, aim towards continuous service improvement by implementing DevOps, Automation via Scripting & ensuring that Agile is improving the overall delivery of services.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

In-house solutions developed by BitSys Technologies that can help to automate daily tasks.

Macs, Windows or Citrix, we have automations for tens of daily tasks.

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Our entire support team is expert in one of the popular scripting languages like Bash, python, PowerShell, ruby, cross platform scripting. We ensure where the boundary of tool ends, we take the game to next level using API, Scripting & Automation what is needed by our client.

With BitSys Technologies, it’s no longer ‘out of support’. Anything that can be scriptable, is doable. 


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