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by | Dec 11, 2022

Find out why an adaptive network solution is needed in a world of rapid digitalization and growing customer demand to make the digital business future-proof and suit an on-demand digital economy.

What Is the Adaptive Network?

The networks have continually grown since the creation of the first Public Switched Telephone Network. Over the various stages of development — from fixed endpoints in the early Internet to today’s broadband networks that link mobile users to vast Data Centres and bandwidth behemoths such as Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook — networks have evolved to meet new demands.

The once-static network is going through a deeper transition than ever before. The most recent version is autonomous networking, a phenomenon that has been developing for a while. The network is autonomous and operates without much human interference. It will autonomously configure, track and manage itself.

How it can help you overcome challenges?

Support to avoid lock-in by the vendor with free networking – Most network providers plan their portfolios to operate together, but the infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex, with components and processes having to be incorporated into multi-vendor environments. This approach requires extensive “lift-and-shift” upgrades to infrastructure that are costly and disruptive, as well as reducing ROI on existing network equipment.

Bitsys Technologies’ portfolio of hardware and software is built on the concept of transparency to optimize cost-efficiency and value for our customers. It allows operators to integrate a full network infrastructure into a single ecosystem that offers long-term value for enterprises and end customers.

Raising stability and performance of the network – As the Adaptive Network turns the network into a dynamic, programmable, analytics and automation-based system, it helps to meet increasing bandwidth needs with on-demand scalability. In addition to helping operators manage the exponential growth in traffic and volatile demand peaks, an Adaptive Network facilitates real-time scaling and resource management to enable tailored QoS for multiple applications and use cases, paving the way for commercial 5G services.

The Adaptive Network’s versatility also helps operators optimize performance by automating a wide variety of manual networking processes, from routine service delivery and turn-up to resource exploration and traffic routing over the best components and paths available. This way it allows operators to deal successfully with even the biggest providers of connectivity.

Fostering creative networks in strategic collaboration – Last but not least, Bitsys Technologies’ is a strategic advisor for the regional operators. Based on our financial and operational flexibility, we are able to commit to constant portfolio growth, ensuring our customers will welcome new opportunities and take up potential network challenges in our footsteps.

One example of how we are investing in the future is our recent acquisition of Packet Design, with network performance optimization tools focused on optimizing the Layer 3 network, topology, and route analyses. By incorporating Packet Design into Blue Planet, we will be able to expand our smart orchestration and automation capabilities to the IP layer from layers 0, 1 and 2. As a result, our consumers will be able to better automate service delivery and improve the use of resources – bringing the Adaptive Network to the next level.

Proofing the future of the network with industry-leading packet optical solutions –

Bitsys Technologies’ has developed the most flexible portfolio of programmable, packet-optical network infrastructure in the industry to help operators meet the dramatically growing demand for bandwidth to the brink. Our packet-optical systems span the edge of the metro, including data centres, the backbone core and the submarine.

This packet-optical market leadership, driven by consistently high R&D investment, is focused on our deployed in-house modem technology 100 G, 200 G, and 400 G capable, backed by a unique combination of technical intelligence to bring the best of optical engineering to market.

The three important keys to making the adaptive network workable

And be sure, it takes more than the industry simply having the courage and create a more flexible network to do so. There are real advances in technology which must be brought to bear. It is these innovations — nurtured in caring for those with the desire and expertise to challenge the status quo — that will move the industry forward into the Adaptive Network world.

Network Analytics and Knowledge — Large and Small Data system has found their way into networks. We have never been able to pull data from the network in real time like we do today. And with all that data comes a network analytics capability like never before. The consequence is the ability to take preventive and proactive steps to both improve network uptime as well as respond to real-time network changes.

Software Control & Automation — As the industry progresses towards software-defined networking (SDN) and multi-vendor orchestration, true network automation is becoming more viable. When new services are ordered or when network data indicates the need for real-time changes, it is an open, software-based multi-domain service orchestration (MDSO) architecture that can take these requests and turn them into network behaviour.

Programmable Infrastructure — A complex array of virtual and physical network resources underlies all of this. Massive bandwidth is at stake for the table now. But unlike past generations, this architecture needs to be highly scalable and transparent, with standard northbound interfaces allowing for more agile management and control. A programmable architecture must also have sophisticated instrumentation capable of feeding upward data output of the network in real-time into analytics and intelligence engines so that real insight can be obtained. From this, the network can be tuned to dynamically respond to changing bandwidth requirements and optimise performance.

Why Bitsys Technologies’ should be your Adaptive Network solution partner?

Bitsys Technologies’ 10 years of experience linking the Globe makes the Adaptive Network the ideal partner for providing it.

Network provider services: Bitsys Technologies has specifically designed services to help suppliers evolve their networks. Tevez’s strategy covers the entire lifecycle of the network, with consultancy, implementation strategies, and programmes tailored to provider needs.

Unmatched network experience: Bitsys Technologies’ supports 20 per cent of the world‘s largest network providers with more than Bitsys Technologies’ customers worldwide. Bitsys Technologies has deployed a coherent optical network of 1000 kilometres.

Partners: Bitsys Technologies’ strengthens its value with a vibrant partner programme which evolves and develops offers and expertise to activate all aspects of the Adaptive Network. Please click on the below link to contact one of our experts for more details.

The only way to protect what you’ve worked hard to build is to be vigilant when it comes to cybersecurity. If you’d like to know more about how your business can benefit from managed services, just give us a call, we are here to help.

An adaptive network solution is needed in a world of rapid digitalization and growing customer demand to make the digital business future-proof.

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