Importance Of 24/7 IT Support – Why Business Need It?

by | Dec 3, 2022

IT support is the backbone of an organization. Demand for IT support has been increasing significantly over the years. In today’s corporate world, though there is an everyday routine for IT professionals; it isn’t carved in stone that the IT support team would promptly offer their assistance only for the said work hours. Amidst these, there are many businesses and companies who mandatorily offer 24/7 IT support for their clients and partners. Such organizations understand the needs and significance of 24/7 IT support.

We all know the quote “With great power comes great responsibility”. Likewise, an organization intending to offer 24/7 IT support certainly knows the value behind it and how it would help them achieve customer satisfaction enforcing it. Issues such as server crashes or network troubleshooting or system crash and so on are inevitable and may occur at any time. Though your organization has an IT team in-house, the IT professionals wouldn’t be flexible to work the wee hours in the morning and if it doesn’t fall under their work timings too. Therefore, having an IT service provider who runs their operations for you 24/7 will definitely serve their purpose and still be cost-effective.

Why is 24/7 IT support essential?

Every business is marching towards digitization. It is the new norm and its growing rapidly. Be it any technology, we certainly face unplanned and unexpected issues due to hardware failure, network connection issues or a system running into trouble, and we never know what it would occur. It is only when faced with such issues by oneself (organization), we look for service providers who could provide 24/7 IT support.

Every small and medium-sized business are facing the wrath of cybercrimes and cyber-attacks. In such circumstances, for example, consider a server issue that takes more uptime to resolve, then entirely puts your business at risk and leading to a bad reputation. Having a 24/7 IT support strategically helps your business to run smoothly and helps you to focus on your core business.

To help your customers in need and to offer reliable service, a dedicated IT technician will always be available to assist your customers or partners for that matter. Customer satisfaction and gaining referrals are the outcomes of offering 24/7 IT support service.

What are the privileges under 24/7 IT support?

24/7 IT support service achieves the following;

1. Easy access to technical support –

Customers, partners or users who are in need of IT support at any time, anywhere and any place can easily reach out to the dedicated IT technician via telephone, email, webchat etc. The response time from the IT technician would be usually less than a minute.

2. No customer loss –

Customers generally do not like to wait, and they expect a rapid response. When there is a 24/7 IT support team waiting to offer their assistance, every customer would get their issues resolved with proper assistance and clarity.

3. Customer satisfaction at the best –

Providing IT support to your customers when they are in absolute need of it. A happy customer tends to remain loyal and wouldn’t want to switch their providers when they are satisfied by the IT support they get.

4. Cost-effective strategy –

There is no doubt that your IT costs/budgets will be less. Hiring a 24/7 IT support provider, you would be only paying for the services you opt. There will be no hidden costs. Additionally, stable proactive support and maintenance from the service provider end.

5. Unlimited IT Support –

There is a ticketing system and help desk portal which would be available for each customer. Using these, the customers can reach out to get their issues resolved. A dedicated IT support team will always be monitoring the incoming tickets and will resolve the issues then and there. Instant response is the highlight of 24/7 IT support services.

6. Reduced downtime –

A proper IT infrastructure is essential for any business. Infrastructure is like a domino. If your infrastructure gets a hit, then the impact would be really worse. 24/7 IT SerImportance Of 24/7 IT Support – Why Business Need It?vice provider ensures to design your IT infrastructure that would increase employee productivity focusing mainly on minimizing the IT downtime.

7. Multiple communication mediums –

The main aim of providing 24/7 IT support is to offer customers, partners an easy way to communicate the IT support team on reporting the on-going issues and to troubleshoot them. There should be different communication mediums like Telephone, Email, Web Chat and a Ticketing Portal etc.

8. Flexibility –

Consider you have customers around the globe, and you provide your services to them for various time zones, then having 24/7 IT support service plays a major role. The customers expect 100 per cent service delivery from you and their requirements must be met at any cost. Therefore, having an IT Service provider who provides 24/7 IT support proves the purpose. Having a 24/7 IT support service is invaluable.

Why businesses need 24/7 IT support?

In this competitive world, every business is expanding its customer base to customers in different countries and on their own. To provide their desired IT assistance to every customer residing in different parts of the world, having 24/7 IT support service is important. IT support service provider maintains SLAs to define the call quality, priority, resolution time and how it should be handled.

24/7 IT support facilitates resource access around the clock. There are perks of having 24/7 IT service providers as your back up. They provide their services even on public holidays and do not leave you without assistance. They offer stability and minimize recurring issues.

Teceze as an IT Service Provider –

Teceze’s IT support services are 24/7 and have sufficient resources to provide timely service. We have a dedicated team providing rapid response and obtain excellent customer feedback. We constantly monitor your networks and detect vulnerabilities underlying before they cause any potential damage. Our continuous monitoring services will safeguard your network and infrastructure from cyber risks and threats. At Teceze, we aim to achieve customer satisfaction and protect your organization from cyber threats and incidents. We provide 24/7 IT support services to ensure that our customers are taken care of. Our services are available for all time zones.

IT support is the backbone of an organization. Demand for IT support has been increasing significantly over the years. In today’s corporate world, though there is an everyday routine for IT professionals; it isn’t carved in stone that the IT support team would promptly offer their assistance only for the said work hours.

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