What is a Smart Meeting Room?

by | Nov 29, 2022

Today, around 90 percent of all meeting information is lost when the meeting is over. What’s more, just 45% of the entire duration of the meeting is active. Do you want to connect with employees working remotely or in offices around the world in a more effective and engaging way?

Bitysys technology is improving its services and solutions as the world of work evolves, to ensure that you and your employees have everything you need to connect and collaborate effectively.

What is a Smart Meeting Room?

To track and record the verbal and nonverbal actions of meeting participants, a smart meeting room uses multi-modal sensors. This is done in order to provide these participants with real-time support and to document meeting activities for intelligent offline browsing and retrieval of meeting activities. Modeling multi-party human-to-human interaction, such as using approaches to machine learning, helps to identify critical events and activities during a meeting.

What are the requirements of a Smart Meeting Room?

You should set up a meeting room in a building with modern equipment to make meetings more productive. You should have some extra comforts in the meeting room, such as ergonomic office chairs, air conditioning, as well as light and temperature controls.

The interior design must not be too sterile but be careful not to distract it too much either. The two possibilities can be counterproductive. Modern meeting facilities, at the same time, may have different rooms. For example, with a smart whiteboard, one can be a corporate boardroom, while the other can be a comfortable room with casual conversation sofas.

In the end, having the necessary technology is the most significant part. More than 90 percent of workers believe, judging by recent research, that getting the requisite technology has the greatest effect on their satisfaction at work.

Features of the Smart Meeting Room

Tools for Whiteboards

Whiteboards are a convenient tool for productivity for both in-office and remote staff. They can be used to exchange thoughts and envision a thought process or workflow for individuals with whom they meet. A typical wall-mounted whiteboard or rolling whiteboard that can be moved from room to room is equipped in many offices.

Smart Meeting Rooms also use a smart whiteboard that can be accessed by remote meeting members and shared more easily. They work with efficiency and collaboration software so that, after the meeting is done, material written on the whiteboard during a meeting can be circulated to meeting participants. This means that everyone knows, even though they couldn’t participate, what was addressed during the meeting.

Smart Camera Video Conferencing

A video conference camera that enables dispersed teams to meet together in real time is equipped with several meeting spaces and conference rooms. To view a live video feed of the meeting, these cameras attach to computers, monitors, and in-room devices.

A 360 ° view of the room is provided by the best video conference cameras, so your remote team members can see all that’s going on and keep up with the conversation. This facilitates a shared atmosphere in which everyone can take part and share their thoughts. Just like traditional video conference cameras, smart video conference cameras provide high-quality video and audio, plus their intelligent technology learns more over time to respond to the needs of meeting participants.

Productivity Tools and Smart Analytics

Smart meeting rooms are integrated with analytics software that helps IT leaders and managers of facilities see how meeting spaces are used so that workers who use the rooms can have the best experience. These devices allow them to understand which rooms are most and least frequently used or which rooms are booked but left empty.

Some analytics tools also provide data on which conference rooms are used for various forms of meetings. This gives leaders insight into the spaces in which people choose to conduct various meetings, so if appropriate, they can schedule some changes to the office layout.

Tools for Video Conferencing

An important aspect of any meeting room, especially a Smart Meeting Room, is video conferencing software. It enables the dispersed employees to connect easily and makes it easy to plan, invite others and launch a video conference with the team.

Create intelligent and smart meeting rooms with bitysys technology

Smart Room items are carefully evaluated, checked, and chosen only if they have a trustworthy and mature API strategy, the base of our Smart Rooms. To help you build and deploy intelligent meeting rooms, we use cutting-edge technology and user-centric designs.

bitysys technology measures consistency, aesthetics, user level, and more. We create standard solutions that align with your existing services, and we can provide your business online with a streamlined ordering catalog.

Smart Rooms allow you to build intelligent meeting rooms in combination with bitysys technology Smart Monitoring.

Are you ready to upgrade the technology of your meeting room to enhance collaboration and increase team productivity?

Contact us today to find out how smarter meeting spaces can help your business.

Today, around 90 percent of all meeting information is lost when the meeting is over. What’s more, just 45% of the entire duration of the meeting is active. Do you want to connect with employees working remotely or in offices around the world in a more effective and engaging way?

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