What Is Ransomware And The List Of Ransomware Attacks In 2021?

by | Nov 27, 2022

List of Ransomware attacks in January 2021

  1. 4,000 members have been informed by one of the most exclusive UK golf clubs that their personal information might have been compromised in a ransomware attack.
  2. Trafford bin collection business is facing a huge cyber-attack with publicly leaked contracts, passports, financial data
  3. UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has suffered a cyber-attack that has adversely affected some of its web assets, resulting in third-party encrypting information.
  4. Mensa Website Hacked after the Smartest Folk of Britain Struggled to Protect Passwords
  5. A ransomware attack cripples NYC DOE’s disciplinary scheme for teachers
  6. Belgian consulting company Finalise is unscathed by a ransomware attack
  7. The Ben-Gurion University of the Negev was attacked by a cyber-attack resulting in a breach of a number of its servers.
  8. Delaware County officials paid a ransom of $25,000 to hackers who breached the county’s computer system.
  9. A new ransomware attack targeted OmniTRAX, a Colorado-based short-line rail operator and logistics provider,
  10. Ransom demanded after the AKVA community suffered from a big virus attack
  11. The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) has stated that it is reacting to an ongoing ransomware attack initiated by an international cybercrime community that is highly coordinated.
  12. CHwapi, the Picardy Wallonia hospital in Tournai, became the target of a computer attack.
  13. The car rental company UCAR reports that at the beginning of the year, it was the victim of a computer attack.
  14. Nygard struggled with ransomware that permanently damaged its IT system
  15. The town of Montmagne was fighting a cyber-attack that culminated in a full shutdown of its computer and telephone networks.
  16. Ransomware Incident Reports from WestRock
  17. Systems recovering from ransomware attack at Tennessee Wesleyan University
  18. Mono Next Public Company, a Thai media and content conglomerate struck by ALTDOS hackers
  19. Cyber-attacks affect the infrastructure of the Municipality of Balneário Camboriú
  20. Crisp Regional Health Care has experienced a ransomware attack
  21. Ramsey County claims 8,700 customers’ data was compromised by illegal ransomware hacking
  22. Cybersecurity incident triggers device outage at Peel District School Board

List of Ransomware Attacks in February 2021

  1. Hacker threatens to hand over user data to the police if pirate IPTV services are not paying bitcoin.
  2. A ransomware attack has hit Brazil’s Eletronuclear administrative network.
  3. A cyber-attack was launched against the Sacred Heart Hospital in Mol.
  4. The Ness Digital Engineering firm, which has offices in Israel, the United States, and India, have been the victim of a ransomware cyberattack.
  5. CD Projekt Red, a video-game maker, has refused to pay a ransom.
  6. After a cyber incident stole Chatham County data was posted online, including personnel files and other confidential information.
  7. BVA, a pollster, confessed to being hit by ransomware.
  8. Nocona General Hospital patient files were hacked by threat actors.
  9. A ransomware attack on a real estate company in British Columbia.
  10. The Trigano community has been struck by a large-scale cyberattack.
  11. Because of a cyber-attack, the city of Seraing’s facilities was temporarily unavailable to the public.
  12. A ransomware attack has hit Central Piedmont Community College.
  13. Urological Clinic Munich Planegg was hacked by hackers.
  14. On Monday, February 15, Villefranche-sur-Saône (Rhône) the hospital centre declared that it had been the target of a “major” computer attack.
  15. Cagliari, a hacker assault on the Valdès Analysis Laboratory has resulted in the theft of patient data.
  16. A cyberattack has hit a Navajo Nation hospital.
  17. A ransomware attack has struck Washington State’s Capital Medical Center.
  18. In Brazil, a hacker community infiltrates an exam lab and steals passwords.
  19. Southern Arkansas University is facing a new data theft by the Sodinokibi (REvil) ransomware gang after becoming a victim of the BLACKBAUD DATA BREACH in May of last year.
  20. The Kayseri Coordinated Industrial Zone Directorate has been struck by ransomware.
  21. Greek Defense Networks were compromised by hackers.
  22. Afnor admits that it was infected with the Ryuk ransomware.
  23. Ransomware has reached the certification giant Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
  24. Chalon-sur-Saône city was the victim of a cyberattack.
  25. A ransomware cyberattack has hit a Finnish IT firm.
  26. Ransomware has devastated the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority.
  27. Concerns are growing that data stolen from the Reserve Bank could be leaked by a ransomware gang.
  28. The NSW Department of Transport confirms that data was taken in the Accellion hack.
  29. Bombardier releases a warning about a data breach.
  30. Jones Day claims a vendor was to blame for the cyberattack.
  31. The Florida Studio Theatre is on the mend after a ransomware attack.
  32. The Manutan Group in France is dealing with a ransomware incident.
  33. After a cyber-attack, a high school in Lochem pays a ransom.
  34. A violation involving Accellion has impacted the people of Washington state.
  35. Despite the breach, the Belgian military and the European Space Agency have confirmed: “no data has been compromised”.
  36. A large-scale cyberattack has been conducted against the Dax hospital centre.
  37. Customer data could be leaked after Singtel experiences a security breach at the hands of a third-party vendor.
  38. Cyberattack on Saginaw Township schools is being investigated by the FBI and Michigan State Police.

List of Ransomware Attack in March 2021

  1. A cyber-attack has devastated 15 schools in Nottinghamshire.
  2. Following a “massive” cyber-attack, the college closes all campuses for a week.
  3. A ransomware attack has targeted schools in South Gloucestershire.
  4. An attack on MBA Group, which has offices in London and Warrington, has disrupted operations.
  5. Ticket counter, a European e-ticketing website, was extorted in a data breach.
  6. A cyberattack on Lot-et-Garonne firefighters
  7. KLS Capital, an Israeli car financing firm, was hacked.
  8. A ransomware assault has reached the Tri-County Sheriff’s Dispatch.
  9. Cybercriminals have launched a new ransomware attack in India in an unusual way to help protesting farmers.
  10. Tether, a crypto company, has said it would not pay a $24 million ransom after being threatened with a document leak.
  11. Update from Qualys on the Accellion FTA Security Incident
  12. The Accellion data breach has affected the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.
  13. The outage of payroll giant PrismHR was most likely triggered by a ransomware attack.
  14. Nefilim threat actors target Atlanta Allergy & Asthma.
  15. A large-scale ransomware attack was launched against Navajo Nation hospital.
  16. A ransomware attack has been recorded by AllyAlign, which has notified 76,348 members and providers.
  17. More than 210,000 patients have been notified by Woodcreek Provider Services about the Netgain Technology ransomware incident.
  18. A data breach occurred at Spirit Airlines, based in Florida.
  19. One of our business associates was a victim of a cyber-attack, according to Arizona Complete Health (AzCH).
  20. Patients are notified of a vendor violation by Sandhills Medical Foundation.
  21. After a data breach in a ransomware attack from Russia, a Texas Medicaid subcontractor was shot.
  22. Members of the Trillium Community Health Plan have been affected by the Accellion data breach.
  23. It’s possible that the personal information of 50,000 healthcare staff in Nova Scotia was leaked through a pension scheme.
  24. A cyberattack was launched against the Oloron Sainte-Marie hospital in Béarn.
  25. The SEPE operating networks are down due to a cyberattack, and the website is down.
  26. After the Accellion breach, sensitive NSW documents were posted on the dark web.
  27. Following a ransomware attack, a bank loses customer social security numbers.
  28. The brewing operations of Molson Coors were interrupted by a cyberattack.
  29. Hackers target the computer systems of the City of Covington.
  30. After a ransomware attack, a home care provider notifies over 92,000 people.
  31. The school district has retained GreyCastle Security to help with the cyberattack investigation and recovery operation after Buffalo Public Schools was hit by ransomware.
  32. Data from Total Life Healthcare was stolen in a ransomware attack.
  33. The information systems of a South Carolina hospital have been taken offline due to a ransomware attack.
  34. Another Ransomware attack, such as the SEPE, has hit the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.
  35. Ransomware assault on Tech Mahindra’s Pimpri Chinchwad Smart City servers
  36. The first stolen data from the Acer data breach has been published by the Sodinokibi ransomware community.
  37. A ransomware attack has been launched against Stratus Technologies.
  38. Sierra Wireless’s development has been halted due to a ransomware attack.
  39. The city of Frankfort’s computer network has been compromised.
  40. A major military equipment supplier to the US Air Force and militaries around the world appears to have been hit by ransomware.
  41. In early March, Alton confirms a “data incident”.
  42. Personal Touch Holding Corp. Recognizes and Responds to Breach in Data Security
  43. The cyberattack on Broward County Public Schools was a ransomware attack.
  44. In a cyber-attack, hackers have demanded a ransom from the Town of Didsbury.
  45. In the most recent ‘highly advanced’ cyber attack, hackers targeted the Harris Foundation.
  46. ECU Worldwide, a shipping company, has been threatened with a data breach by hackers.
  47. Hackers have launched an assault. YposKesi, a pharmaceutical company, has been attacked by ransomware.

List of Ransomware Attack in April 2021

  1. Hackers have uploaded 26,000 Broward school’s files to the internet.
  2. Cyber-attack on the Kammeltal community’s town hall
  3. The University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) has been hit by ransomware.
  4. The University of Portsmouth has closed its campus due to an ‘ongoing disruption’ caused by a ‘ransomware attack’ on IT services.
  5. Merseyrail, a UK rail network, is likely to have been infected with the Lock bit ransomware.
  6. The University of Maryland, Baltimore, reacts to the Accellion security breach.
  7. Boggi Milano, an Italian menswear brand, has been hit by ransomware.
  8. Home Hardware, a Canadian retailer, has been infected with ransomware.
  9. A ransomware attack has hit J&B Importers.
  10. TriHealth Confirms Data Breach by a Third Party
  11. The National College of Ireland has been the target of a ransomware attack.
  12. The Technological University of Dublin has been the target of a ransomware attack.
  13. Haverhill Schools has had to postpone classes due to a ransomware attack.
  14. Ransomware has breached the Axios electronic registry.
  15. Lawrence city has been the target of a major ransomware assault.
  16. The city of L’Isle-Sur-la-Sorgue in France has been requested a ransom of 500,000 euros.
  17. A cyber assault has devastated Queensland hospitals and aged care services.
  18. Malware Attack on Guilderland Central Schools
  19. Since hackers breached school technology networks, Centennial schools will be closed for two days.
  20. Ansal is concerned about data loss due to ransomware attacks.
  21. Hacker assault on the Gino Group dealership’s computer system
  22. Ruetir – Cyber assault on Usl Umbria 2 systems
  23. A cyberattack was launched against the city of Morières-lès-Avignon.
  24. A cyberattack was launched against the town hall of Douai.
  25. France is in the midst of an “IT security incident”, according to Würth.
  26. The Belgian city of Floreffe has been infected with ransomware.
  27. Asbis, a Czech consumer electronics company, has been infected with ransomware.
  28. Hackers attack the ATC website in Turin and demand a ransom.
  29. Griesser AG, a Swiss company, has been hacked.
  30. The Houston Rockets have been targeted by the “Babuk” ransomware gang.
  31. A cyberattack was launched against the Bourbon business.
  32. The Affton School District has disclosed a ransomware attack that has affected current and former employees.
  33. Hackers blackmailed the world’s largest car parts supplier, headquartered in Cluj-Napoca.
  34. The National Library website has been taken down due to a ransomware attack.
  35. Babuk ransomware has infected Phone House Spain, affecting 3 million users.
  36. Avaddon ransomware publishes the first stolen data in Malta, according to Partit Nazzjonalista.
  37. Ransomware attacks threaten a state institution in Slovakia.
  38. Hackers have targeted Hoya Corp in Japan with ransomware.
  39. A major computer attack hit the Cegos training organization.
  40. In a suspected ransomware attack, the Illinois Attorney General’s Office is involved.
  41. “Cyber-assault” on the Madsack publishing company is suspected of being ransomware.
  42. A ransomware attack on Nordlo in Norway knocked out services in a number of care facilities.
  43. Bourg-Saint-Maurice town hall is the victim of a cyberattack in Savoie.
  44. BCC Roma is hit by a cyberattack that affects 188 sites.
  45. Security actors leaked data from the Presque Isle Police Department.
  46. To avoid the spread of a computer worm, Baclesse disconnects from the Internet.
  47. The company involved in the 1915 Anakkale bridge and motorway project was the target of a cyber-attack.
  48. A computer assault has occurred at Saint-Gaudens Hospital.
  49. A ransomware attack has targeted Austria’s Nah&Frisch Wieser Türnitz.
  50. Bakker is driving fewer loads as a result of the hack.
  51. A cyber assault has made the Czech city of Olomouc inoperable.

List of Ransomware Attack in May 2021

  1. After a ransomware assault, a chiropractic office in Phoenix has gone offline.
  2. Swiss Cloud Computing AG has been the victim of a ransomware assault.
  3. Aprima EHR has been down for weeks due to a reported ransomware assault.
  4. In a ransomware attack, the TRB’s registration database was hacked.
  5. Thousands of people could be affected by the Whistler ransomware outbreak.
  6. Lorenz threat actors have targeted Wolfe Eye Clinic.
  7. A cyberattack was launched on the Boutin transportation company.
  8. One of the US’s busiest pipelines has been shut down due to a cyber security incident.
  9. Albioma, a French company, has been infected by ransomware.
  10. ATC Transportation has revealed that it has been the victim of a ransomware attack.
  11. The Oviedo City Council’s IT services are all down due to a cyberattack.
  12. The City of Tulsa has been impacted by a ransomware attack.
  13. RPI computer systems are knocked out by a cyberattack.
  14. Hackers have demanded a ransom from the Portland Public Schools.
  15. Ryuk ransomware has infected Norwegian software company Volue ASA.
  16. Babuk Ransomware Targets Yamabiko, a Japanese manufacturer
  17. Network hack investigated by Logansport schools
  18. Threat actors dump more material from the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, D.C. when negotiations fail.
  19. Hackers target Ehrmann and demand a ransom of millions of dollars.
  20. Energy Hamburg is under attack by hackers.
  21. DarkSide ransomware was paid $4.4 million by a chemical distributor.
  22. Due to a ransomware attack, the Irish health service has been shut down.
  23. Customers are affected as a result of a computer crash at a Doncaster insurance agency.
  24. Sodinokibi malware has infected Apex America.
  25. A ransomware attack has been launched on Gary, Indiana.
  26. Threat actors from the dark side sought to blackmail Möbelstadt Sommerlad.
  27. After announcing that it would no longer reimburse ransom payments, cyber-insurance giant AXA was attacked by a ransomware onslaught.
  28. Astro Team threat actors are allegedly dumping patient-related files from Eduro Healthcare.
  29. Data was lost as a result of a ransomware attack on a French environmental centre.
  30. Hackers gained access to the website of the Cluj County Council.
  31. Ardagh Group is experiencing some inconvenience and delays as a result of a Cybersecurity attack.
  32. Brazilian company Rede Bahia has been the victim of a cyberattack and has reported a data breach.
  33. Visalia Unified’s computer systems have been taken offline due to a ransomware assault, according to the school district.
  34. A ransomware attack has been launched on a trailer-making utility.
  35. New Zealand’s health service has been hacked.
  36. The Rockland Public Schools have been targeted by a ransomware attack.
  37. Sodinokibi threat actors have targeted Betenbough Homes.
  38. The Tigerton School District’s ability to access some systems was hampered by a sophisticated ransomware attack.
  39. Twin cyber-attacks rear-ended Toyota, causing ransomware-shaped damages.
  40. Sierra college online systems are hacked by ransomware.
  41. Stelliant Group, an insurance company, is the target of a ransomware attack.
  42. The Harper County Community Hospital in Oklahoma has been infected with ransomware.
  43. Telstra has been hacked, with hackers claiming that SIM card information has been obtained.
  44. More than 17,000 people are affected by a ransomware attack on the Midwest Transplant Network.
  45. BLK Sport, based in Australia, has revealed the DarkSide attack.
  46. Bose, a manufacturer of headphones and speakers, has disclosed a ransomware attack.
  47. Eastern Hancock has been the target of a ransomware attack.
  48. A ‘sophisticated’ ransomware campaign has targeted volunteer service abroad.
  49. After a ransomware assault and a partial file dump, the municipality of Porto Sant Elpidio has kept a low profile.
  50. After patient information is taken, Sturdy Hospital pays a ransom.
  51. Police in Azusa have discovered a ransomware assault.
  52. DarkSide hacked a Toshiba unit, and the company will undertake a strategic review.
  53. After gaining access to the NSW Labor Party’s computer network in a significant cyber attack, cyber criminals have given the party 10 days to pay a ransom

List of Ransomware Attack in June 2021

  1. Skinners’ Kent schools have been closed due to a data breach in Tunbridge Wells.
  2. After Northampton College was hacked, a national cybercrime investigation was launched.
  3. Following a ‘cyber security event,’ Gateley suffers a data leak.
  4. The Salvation Army’s UK arm has been targeted by a ransomware attack.
  5. Scripps starts contacting about 147,000 users about a ransomware data attack.
  6. The Steamship Authority has become the target of a ransomware attack.
  7. After a hacker attempted to blackmail the company, a Dutch pizza chain revealed the breach.
  8. After a hack, UF Health Florida hospitals have returned to pen and paper.
  9. Epsilon One of India’s financial software behemoths has been targeted by the Red Ransomware organisation.
  10. Vendée is a PRB company that has been hacked.
  11. Fujifilm refuses to pay a ransomware demand and instead repairs its network using backups.
  12. ExaGrid, a company that fights ransomware, has paid a $2.6 million ransomware demand.
  13. Another Pipeline Firm Was Hit by Ransomware, and 70GB of Data Was Leaked
  14. While responding to a ransomware attack in Taiwan, Kadokawa warns consumers.
  15. The Victor Valley Union High School District in California is suspected of being infected with ransomware.
  16. JBS, a meat manufacturer, paid a ransom of $11 million to hackers.
  17. ADATA, a computer memory manufacturer, has been struck by the Ragnar Locker ransomware.
  18. Xing Team targets healthcare organisations in Saudi Arabia, Illinois, and Mississippi.
  19. Ransomware has infected the municipality of Macaé in Brazil.
  20. The Humber River Hospital in Toronto has been infected with ransomware.
  21. Data from the Azusa, California, police department was stolen in a cyber attack.
  22. Ransomware has affected 38,538 individuals, according to Reproductive Biology Associates and My Egg Bank.
  23. After a ransomware assault, the Savannah hospital system is down.
  24. SP Sports Club has become the victim of a ransomware assault.
  25. Ito Yogyo Co, a Japanese company, has been infected with ransomware.
  26. Lucky Star Casinos has confirmed that it has been the victim of a ransomware attack.
  27. The Belgian city of Liege has been struck by ransomware.
  28. Patients at HOYA Optical Labs of America have been notified of a ransomware issue.
  29. After a ransomware attack, Frederick Public Schools in Oklahoma are back up and operating.
  30. The services of the Municipality of Cagliari have been disrupted due to a cyber attack.
  31. Ransomware has infected the Bordeaux-Gironde Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  32. Ransomware has infected Gerry Weber, a German textile retailer.
  33. REvil threat actors attacked the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada.
  34. A non-profit dedicated to behavioural health and substance misuse in Bucks County has been hacked.
  35. The Japan Airport Refueling Company has revealed a ransomware incident.

List of Ransomware Attack in July 2021

  1. The Revil ransomware gang claims to have obtained databases and other critical information from the MasMovil organisation.
  2. Following a ransomware assault, according to Pacific Market Research, employee data is at risk.
  3. In a ransomware assault, CentraCare Health and Carris Health – Willmar Lakeland Clinic were both hacked.
  4. The GOP was compromised by Russian ‘Cozy Bear’ hackers as a result of a ransomware campaign.
  5. A ransomware outbreak has hit the Romanian city of Oradea.
  6. A small Maryland community is knocked offline by the global Kaseya ransomware outbreak.
  7. After a ransomware attack, insurance firm CNA reports a data compromise.
  8. Forefront Dermatology in Wisconsin has been hit by ransomware.
  9. Guess claims to have been hacked as part of the Accellion attack.
  10. York Animal Hospital was infected with ransomware and lost all of its patient records for the previous four years.
  11. The Clover Park School District has notified 1,583 students who have been affected by the ransomware attack.
  12. The computers of Morgan County Schools have been infected with a ransomware attack over the holidays.
  13. A ransomware group has targeted the Booneville School District in Mississippi.
  14. Ransomware has infected the Lancaster Independent School District in Texas.
  15. A ransomware attack has hit the Royatonic spa in France.
  16. Ransomware Cyber Attack Announced by D-BOX Technologies
  17. Comparis suffered a data leak as a result of a ransomware attack.
  18. The Kaseya ransomware assault has hit Virginia Tech.
  19. In Geneva, Ohio, the FBI is probing cyber intrusions on computer systems.
  20. The real estate and title industries are being disrupted by a ransomware attack at a major cloud provider.
  21. Pionet, an Israeli IT firm, was the target of a ransomware attack.
  22. Threat actors leaked photos of driver’s licences and reports for Walter’s Automotive Group customers.
  23. Ransomware has infected Emma Willard School.
  24. Infected with the PHOBOS ransomware at Bucharest’s Clinical Hospital No. 1 CF Witting.
  25. The Rehabilitation Support Services website has been hacked.
  26. After a vendor gets hacked, Coop Sweden temporarily closes its outlets.
  27. De Mandemakers Groep, a Dutch kitchen and furnishings retailer, has been hacked.
  28. In the Greek city of Thessaloniki, a ransomware attack has brought services to a halt.
  29. Allegheny Intermediate Unit has sent out notices to employees, dependents, and vendors regarding the ransomware attack.
  30. A ransomware attack has hit Secure Administrative Solutions.

List of Ransomware Attack in August 2021

  1. A ransomware attack has hit Montana’s Gering Public Schools.
  2. In an Accenture ransomware assault, hackers seized customer information and work materials.
  3. Following a ransomware attack, the region of Lazio has suspended vaccine bookings.
  4. Ambulances are being turned away from an Indiana hospital due to a ransomware attack.
  5. Vendor of motherboards Ransomware gang RansomExx has targeted GIGABYTE.
  6. Isle of Wight schools hit by ransomware
  7. In Joplin, Missouri, ransomware has taken down online services.
  8. Judson ISD claims to have paid hackers more than $500K to keep sensitive data safe.
  9. Greenway Health, an IT health services company, has launched an inquiry into a ransomware outbreak.
  10. A ransomware attack has affected Tokio Marine Insurance in Singapore.
  11. In a ransomware attack on a Singapore eye clinic, about 73,500 patients’ data were compromised.
  12. Renner Stores is now unavailable due to a ransomware infection.
  13. Crytek confirms the Egregor ransomware assault and the theft of client data.
  14. The Affton School District in Missouri has confirmed a Ransomware attack.
  15. The Swiss town of Rolle has been hit by ransomware.
  16. Israel’s Bar Ilan University was the subject of a cyber-attack.
  17. Two public wastewater treatment plants in Maine were hacked by criminals.
  18. A ransomware attack has hit Memorial Health System.
  19. The Brazilian National Treasury has become the target of a ransomware attack.
  20. The Rockwood School District has issued a ransomware alert.
  21. On July 21, an isolated ransomware assault happened at the Aoraki/Mount Cook Search and Rescue Base.
  22. The Sault Ste. Marie Police Department was the target of a ransomware attack.
  23. After a ransomware assault, Bangkok Air discloses a data breach involving passengers’ personal information.
  24. Ransomware has infected Coghlin Electrical Co.

List of Ransomware Attack in September 2021

  1. Olympus, a technology titan, has been infected with the BlackMatter ransomware.
  2. Tamil Nadu Public Department has been hit by ransomware.
  3. An African bank has issued a data breach alert, stating that personal information has been compromised.
  4. Because the college refuses to pay, a hacker posts stolen data online.
  5. Bridgeport residents were alerted in late May that the local administration had been hacked.
  6. After Bar Ilan University refused to pay a hacker $2.5 million, massive amounts of data were leaked.
  7. Consumer Protection: Privacy, Identity Theft, and Data Security Breach, Maine Attorney General’s Office
  8. Yonkers Rising has uncovered that the City of Yonkers was the target of a ransomware assault, and that City Hall and its staff have been without computers for the past five days.
  9. In Florida and Texas, two new ransomware attacks on medical companies have affected 56,000 people.
  10. Courts in Jefferson Parish are closed as a result of the post-Ida cyber-attack; the closures are expected to extend until at least September 20.
  11. Howard University is investigating a ransomware assault, and online classes have been cancelled for September 8
  12. In March, Horizon House notified patients of a ransomware incident.
  13. Millions of South Africans are affected by a security breach after a debt collection firm suffers a “major data breach.”
  14. Although Barlow Respiratory Hospital is recovering from the breach, it may have a lengthy road to incident response.
  15. The Indian Creek Foundation issues a data event notice.
  16. TTEC, a customer service giant, has been hit by ransomware.
  17. In the most recent DeFi breach, a hacker makes off with $12 million.
  18. After a ransomware assault, United Health Centers of San Joaquin Valley has remained mute in public.
  19. Ransomware attacks take down a major European call centre provider.
  20. Exabytes is a victim of a ransomware attack, which disrupts several services.
  21. Crystal Valley’s Computer Systems Have Been Infected with Ransomware
  22. Hackers Define ‘Critical’ as They See Fit After Biden’s Warning
  23. Department of Justice and Constitutional Development’s IT system attacked by Ransomware

List of Ransomware Attack in October 2021

  1. A Hong Kong marketing firm Fimmick was hit by REvil ransomware. This criminal gang breached Fimmick databases and declared to have data from many global brands such as Coca Cola, Cetaphil etc.
  2. Sandhills Global hit with ransomware by Conti threat group causing their hosted websites to become inaccessible and disrupting their business operations.
  3. The Sinclair Broadcast Group who owns TV stations had confirmed a ransomware attack. On account of the attack, their TV stations got impacted across the United States. Its operations include 185 television stations affiliated with channels including Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC. The broadcast giant confirmed that data had been stolen during the attack.
  4. Johnson Memorial Health in Indiana suffered ransomware attacks that disabled its computer network. They have been working with FBI and Cyber security experts who have said ransomware attacks take time to resolve, so it may be several days before its computer systems are fully operational.
  5. The Government officials in Pottawatomie County (Kansas) had paid cyber criminals a minimal ransom post an attack which affected their IT systems for 2 weeks.
  6. Washington Adventist University (WAU) reported that they experienced a ransomware attack Saturday and that its Wi-Fi and internet access from the campus have been impacted and wouldn’t be available until further notice.
  7. A ransomware attack on Janesville School District left students and staff unable to login to some of the district’s online programs. In a Facebook post the school shared that the IT department had detected issues with their network and spotted code that appeared to be ransomware.
  8. Weir Group, an engineering and a mining firm based in Glasgow was hit by Sophisticated ransomware attack. Their statements confirmed the ransomware attack and that a forensic investigation has been ongoing and that there was no evidence that any personal or other sensitive data has been exfiltrated or encrypted at this time.
  9. Lancaster Online, a newspaper publisher based in Pennsylvania reported an attack. An unknown criminal gang demanded that the news organization pay an undisclosed amount of money to unlock files critical to the printing of their daily and weekly publications.
  10. Pacific City Bank (PCB) is one of the Large Korean-American community banking service providers in the United States confirmed about a ransomware hit which occurred at the last week of August. An internal investigation revealed that the criminal gang had accessed information including loan application, tax returns, payroll information, social security details.
  11. ReproSource Fertility Diagnostics (Quest Diagnostics subsidiary) suffered a ransomware attack where over 3,50,000 patients’ data had been accessed or acquired potentially during this attack.
  12. In Israel, Hillel Yaffe Medical Center faced a ransomware attack. The hospital was forced to use alternate systems while treating their patients and use Pen and Paper method to treat patients.
  13. Ferrara Candy Co., a major candy and food company became a victim of a ransomware attack that temporarily froze its production systems. The company is working to resolve the issue.
  14. Ecuador’s largest private bank Banco Pichincha was impacted by ransomware. Although not yet confirmed, it’s thought that the Horatus gang was behind the attack which disrupted operations and took the ATM and online banking portal offline.
  15. DeKalb County attack caused havoc when servers went inaccessible, and the operations came to a halt due to the impact. However, the DeKalb County claims that no files were compromised in the attack.
  16. Barlow Respiratory Hospital, based in LA, United States was attacked by criminal gang Vice Society. The cyber criminals/hackers attacked and demanded ransom from the hospital.
  17. Thailand based luxury hotel chain Centara hotels said in a statement that they were informed of a cyberattack on the hotel chain’s network. An investigation confirmed that the Desorden criminal gang had breached their system and accessed customer data including names, bookings, phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses and photos of IDs. There had been a ransom negotiation of $900,000, but the company backed out of the deal. The group is now threatening to leak the information.
  18. The Grief ransomware gang claimed that they had attacked the National Rifle Association (NRA). Also, they released exfiltrated data as proof. The criminal gang added the NRA as a new victim on their data leak site with screenshots of Excel spreadsheets containing US tax information and investments amounts. The NRA have not confirmed the incident instead they published a statement saying they do not comment on physical or electronic security of their organization.

List of Ransomware Attack in November 2021

  1. Community Medical Centers, Inc a non-profit community health center in Northern California, has recently notified 656,047 patients of a ransomware incident.
  2. The Martin County Tax Office was compelled to close its doors due to a cyber security problem. The cyber hack appears to be a ransomware attack carried out by the BlackByte gang.
  3. Newfoundland and Labrador Healthcare System reportedly has been called Canada’s worst cyber-attack. The cyber-attack had a huge impact on the company and created a lot of issues with appointments and procedures.
  4. MediaMarkt, a German electronics retailer, was attacked by the Hive gang, and was demanded $240 million in ransom! In the Netherlands and Germany, the attack resulted in the suspension of IT systems and the disruption of retail activities.
  5. Medatixx, a German medical software company faced a ransomware attack. Their products are used in over 21,000 health institutions, and they encouraged the customers to adjust their application passwords.
  6. Diamond Comic Distributors’ IT systems were disrupted because of a ransomware assault. It had affected the comic book supply chain. The corporation verified in a statement that the data and financial information of comic book shops were not stored on the impacted systems and had not been compromised.
  7. When a Russian cyber group released data belonging to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) on the Dark Web, British data storage business Stor-A-File grabbed headlines. After the Clop gang’s £3 million Bitcoin ransom was rejected, the material was disclosed, including highly sensitive medical records.
  8. Swire Pacific, a Singapore-based offshore operator, issued a notice on November 25 alleging that a cyber security breach had compromised its IT systems. Experts suspect the Clop cyber gang was behind the attack, which resulted in a huge loss of data, including valuable company and employee information.
  9. As the Butler County Community College in Pittsburgh was attacked by ransomware, students had their classes cancelled. Following Thanksgiving weekend, the college announced that remote and online classes, as well as the main campus and other sites, would be closed as they worked to restore databases, hard drives, servers, and other equipment that were targeted during the attack.
  10. The Corry Area School District in Pennsylvania disclosed an inquiry into a recent ransomware attack that may have exposed personal information from children and staff at the school prior to 2011. When the district’s technology director received notification that the computer system had been compromised and to contact the sender for details, the attack was detected.
  11. Vestas, a Denmark wind turbine manufacturer, was compelled to close some of the IT System to deal with a ‘Cyber security incident’ that turned out to be ransomware. The company stated its systems were back up and operating 10 days after the attack, but it did not comment if a ransom had been paid.
  12. According to a Facebook post from the school, Lewis and Clark Community College in Illinois was forced to close due to a ransomware attack.
  13. Queensland Australia’s government-owned energy provider CS Energy suffered a cyber-attack. Thankfully, the attack had little impact on energy supply.
  14. Malware Campaign Hits Huawei’s App Gallery – Plano, Texas, United States.
  15. Cyber-attack on IKEA email systems ongoing – Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, United States.
  16. Ransomware Attack on Whirlpool Appliances in Benton Harbor, Michigan, United States.
  17. A New Wave of attacks hits Microsoft Exchange Server in Washington, United States of America, Redmond.
  18. Authenticom is working to restore networks following a suspected ransomware assault in La Crosse, Wisconsin.
  19. Hadera Hospital has reopened after a month of being closed due to a cyber-attack in Hadera, Israel.

List of Ransomware attacks December in 2021

  1. Ransomware attack at Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles was reported. According to the company, a ransomware attack occurred in October, but the event wasn’t made public until it was confirmed that the attack resulted in a data breach impacting 400,000 patients.
  2. Kisters AG, a vital infrastructure provider for energy systems in Germany faced a ransomware attack. The corporation acknowledged in a press statement that data protection authorities had been contacted.
  3. The Riverhead School District in New York said that it had been targeted by a ransomware assault that caused the district’s computer and technological infrastructure to go down for many days.
  4. The French-Public School Board in Canada was the target of the next attack on education. As a result, they had re-securing the network and discovered that some files maintained at their board office had been stolen and held for ransom. The board stated that it had compensated the attackers and that the stolen material had been erased.
  5. The LockBit ransomware group targeted Abiom, a Dutch IT business that collects sensitive documents for Dutch police and emergency agencies. Because the corporation refused to pay the ransom, 39,000 papers, including identity and invoices, were leaked online.
  6. Nordic Choice Hotels has confirmed that they’ve been attacked by the Conti ransomware group. The Scandinavian hotel employees can experience over 16,000 people and has over 200 hotels. Its brands include Comfort, Quality, and Clarion. Hotel workers were unable to access reservation systems, causing problems at check-in and check-out, and guests were locked out of their rooms because of the event.
  7. When some of the hospital’s printers started randomly spitting out streams of paper with the warning that the hospital’s “data are stolen and encrypted” and hard to decode, and that “the data will be released,” they knew something was wrong. They refused to pay up. The LockBit ransomware gang claimed credit for the attack, which prompted the hospital to revert to pen and paper medicine. It’s expected that the hospital will take months to recover from the event.
  8. When the SPAR grocery chain was infected with ransomware, it damaged more than 300 stores. Some establishments had to close, while others were able to stay open by moving to a cash-only system.
  9. A network system disruption at Tennessee’s Pellissippi State Community College faced the wrath of a ransomware attack. The situation was contained, and the school was working with forensic professionals to get the systems up and running as soon as possible.
  10. After a ransomware assault on the district’s systems, the Eldon School District in Missouri was forced to cancel school. “At this moment, no material has been accessed or lost”, the officials said after hiring a cyber security team to conduct a forensic examination of the incident. The cyber security team is still working towards remediation.
  11. The Conti ransomware group targeted CS Electricity, a major energy network in Australia that serves about three million people. The attack knocked off electricity to millions of people. Due to the quick response of the company’s staff, the hacking event did not result in any power outages. The CEO stated, “They went above and beyond to guarantee that Queenslanders do not face any major power outages”.
  12. Atalanta, a North American food importer, revealed a data compromise because of a previous ransomware assault. A forensic examination found that current and past employee data had been accessed and collected because of the event, but that no evidence of abuse had been found.
  13. Frontier Software, a leading HR software provider, made the news after a ransomware assault by the Conti gang exposed the personal information of 80,000 government employees.
  14. Volvo has confirmed that a ransomware assault resulted in the theft of certain R&D files. The event was caused by the Snatch gang. Early investigations revealed that a small portion of the company’s R&D property was stolen during the attack, and based on the information available, there may be an impact on the company’s operations.
  15. A significant ransomware outbreak hit Brazil’s Ministry of Health (MoH). The Lapsus$ Group claimed responsibility for the assault, which resulted in millions of citizens’ COVID-19 immunization data being lost. The attackers claimed to have stolen 50TB of data.

“We will update you soon on the Ransomware attacks in January 2022”

Ransomware is a type of malicious software threaten to blocks access to data or a computer system, usually by encrypting it until the victim pays a ransom fee to the attacker.

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